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Introducing the Model 3 Challenge!

EVRS is proud to announce, in collaboration with Mountain Pass Performance, the Model 3 Challenge!

The Model 3 Challenge will be partnering with Gridlife for the 2023 Season. This partnership will give racers the opportunity to participate in the series at some of the most popular events across the country!

We could not have found a better partner in Gridlife, who puts on some of the most exciting motorsports experiences, while also embracing the future of motorsport. In addition, their focus on safety and fun aligns with our goals for the series.

Stay tuned for more information. You can download the rulebook here.

For more information about Gridlife, please visit their website at

Watch the official announcement on the live stream here:

For more details about the racing series, visit

If you need car built from scratch, or upgraded to fit the specifications for the Series, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance!

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