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Lime Rock Park - Breaking the 1 Minute Barrier

When I first ran Lime Rock Park in the Model 3 back in 2020, I managed a fast lap of 1:01.5. Since then, I've learned a lot about alignment setup on the Model 3 and managed to fit a set of sticky 305's under the stock bodywork. These modifications, in conjunction with continued development on the platform in partnership with Mountain Pass Performance, culminated in a 59.5 fast lap - an impressive feat for a full-interior, 4,000lb, 4-Door EV.

If you're interested in turning your EV into a track-ready vehicle, there has never been a better time as we continue to see improvements in charging infrastructure and thermal performance. I am proud to announce that EVRS/Track My EV is now an authorized distributor and installer for Mountain Pass Performance. If you are near the Hudson, MA, area please feel free to reach out to me to schedule your upgrades!

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