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Model 3 Challenge Required Accessories Package

Model 3 Challenge Required Accessories Package

Ships in <2 Weeks


Welcome Model 3 Challenge competitors! Are you prepared for your first event? You'll likely need this package before you can participate, which includes the following:


  • MPP Cooling Party Controller
  • EVRS HVIL External Disconnect


Optionally, you can add the following:


  • EVRS Rear Tow Strap
  • EVRS Frunk Rewards Weight Net


NOTE: If you have spent $2500 or more on MPP products, please email for a $150 coupon code off of the Cooling Party Controller.


The MPP CPC is used to limit power and manage thermal loads - this is the "secret sauce" that will allow everyone to run the same power for the duration of the challenge race. 


The motorsport-grade HVIL disconnect is spliced in under the hood of your Model 3, providing an externally-mounted switch to easily open the contactors in the event of an emergency. Sealed and waterproof, you can either use this all the time or easily loop it for storage when not racing. Includes a vinyl decal indicating where the switch is located. This disconnect utlizies OEM connectors to keep that factory look!


The rear tow strap has been designed to minimize the intrusiveness into the rear of the vehicle. It bolts onto the rear subframe and only requires a small cut in the rear lower fascia plastic (unpainted trim piece). A retaining tube keeps it from falling back into the fascia.


The provided frunk net gets installed into the front trunk of the vehicle and will keep all of your rewards weight from sliding around after you take podium! It simply gets bolted in using the existing 10mm hardware.

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